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Coral Nurseries Workshop

Underwater Sciences and Techniques Academy

United Nations


Dolphin House Reef - Coral Nurseries Workshop

The cringe-inducing sound of a ship crushing its way onto a coral reef is often the beginning of the story. But, it is not usually the end. After most ship groundings on reefs, hundreds to thousands of small coral fragments may litter the sea floor, where they would likely perish rolling around or buried under piles of rubble. However, by bringing these fragments into coral nurseries, we give them the opportunity to recover.

In the waters around Marsa Alam, Egypt, Ocean Sciences and Techniques Academy works with a number of partners in various capacities to maintain 7 coral nurseries. These underwater safe havens serve a dual function. Not only do they provide a stable environment for injured corals to recuperate, but they also produce thousands of healthy young corals, ready to be transplanted into previously devastated areas.

Join our workshop at Dolphin House Reef, Marsa Alam, Egypt 

1-2 Feb, 2020


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