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Global Ocean Summit: Linking Large Marine Ecosystems to Local Science and Management for Sustainable Development

Coastal Resources Center, GSO, URI

Ocean Science & Technology | Ocean Policy & Sustainable Development | Civil Society/NGOs


In preparation for the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, we are gathering scientists, managers and stakeholders for a rich conversation and action planning to strengthen linkages across scales — from Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs) to local efforts.

The United Nation’s Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development will commence in 2021. Its critical preparatory phase is well underway and the ocean community needs to be ready to shepherd the entire world into seeing the sea as an essential resource for food, revenue and recreation. Additionally, people from all regions must comprehend the vulnerability of the oceans along with the coastal communities around them, particularly with population and climate pressures. The best chance for success is to build on existing international frameworks, in particular Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs), which for 35 years have encouraged ecosystem and socioeconomic science, wise management and intergovernmental cooperation. Also, it is important to learn from successful local initiatives, such as those by the Coastal Resources Center and its partners. With the dawn of the Decade imminent, the time is now to catalyze a new conversation on the ocean, and move aggressively to enabling solutions. The University of Rhode Island, the flagship university in the Ocean State, helped grow the LME concept and continues to lead in coastal and ocean science and management locally and around the world. This will be a great opportunity to have a rich conversation on ocean issues and pursue opportunities for sustainability.  Learn more: https://web.uri.edu/globaloceansummit/


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