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The Ocean Meetings Workshop

Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection

Civil Society/NGOs


The Ocean Meeting Workshop: An international exchange workshop to discuss about 1- Climate change and oceans 2- Plastic Pollution and its impact on the oceans 3-Impact of climate change on marine and coastal biodiversity

In accordance with its mission, the Foundation will reinforce its actions in this global dynamic aiming to mitigate the impact of marine and in particular plastic pollution, by acting around a new strategic axis, related to “ Pollution mitigation (waste, emissions) at the level of the seas and oceans through environmentally responsible behavior ”, for which the general mode of intervention will be broken down as follows: 

• Strengthening its strategic partnerships ; 

• Establishment of informational tracking; 

• Reinforcing the visibility of the Foundation on the Ocean’s theme (Initiation of pilot actions); 

• International leadership / influence on the theme. 

 In this context, the Foundation will initiate operational actions with regard to: 

• Identifying potential circuits of plastic discharges in the seas and oceans; 

• Cleaning beaches, seas and pools of marinas (campaigns throughout the year with more focus during the summer period) with an emphasis on the fate of the collected waste 

 • Environmental awareness and education at the level of beaches and eco-schools; 

• Developing informational tools and educational materials. 

• Promoting of sustainable management of ports 

• Improving stakeholder knowledge 

 To achieve this task, the Foundation will act following an operating mode focused on mobilizing all relevant actors and partners of the Foundation within the framework of the Safeguarding the Coast program, local authorities, economic partners, institutions operating in coastal management and local associations. In accordance with its participative and federative approach, the Foundation plans to organize an exchange workshop with the various partners of the "Coastal protection" program. The Foundation will maintain the approach started in 2019 focused on a breakthrough innovation in terms of organization, management, and communication around the program.  

The workshop will take place at Hassan II International Center for Environmental Training, branch and academic arm of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection, the center represents both an awareness-raising and an educational platform dedicated to sustainable development. the center mobilizes all actors in favor of the environment to design global strategies for environmental education and sustainable development in order to implement the corresponding actions. 

 Thus, in accordance with the mission of Hassan II International Center for Environmental Training, the organization of "The Ocean Meetings" exchange international workshop with the various partners of "Safeguarding the Coast" program will take place at the center as a space dedicated to meetings and exchange, informational tracking, pooling experiences, and an incubator of ideas and solutions for the environment, including the ocean. 


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