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Iodysséus at Brest International Maritime Festival


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July 2020: Brest International Maritime Festival

Every four years, Brest welcomes hundreds of boats and hundreds of thousands of visitors to the International Maritime Festival ... For example, the 2016 edition brought together 700,000 visitors and 1,050 boats. The 2020 edition of the Maritime Feasts is intended to be a journey with multiple possible stopovers across the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans ...

The three strands of action of Iodysséus are: basic science (plankton biodiversity and impact on the climate), application research (molecules of interest in biotechnology) and awareness / education. As part of this communication work, we see the Maritime Festivals of Brest as a huge opportunity to publicize our program and to raise awareness among a very large audience. We are going to have a 25 square meter space accessible to all in order to communicate with the general public on the development of sailing oceanography and the fundamental planetary role of the planktonic marine ecosystem. We want our area friendly and beautiful, with the development of artistic works related to plankton.

Scientific coordinators and biologists of the Iodysseus program will offer observations of planktonic organisms, taken from the harbor of Brest. The invisible to the naked eye is often difficult to grasp ... The images will be broadcast on a large screen from the microscope. These live immersions in a drop of sea water mark the spirits; following the movements of the "little people of the sea" and awaken sensitivity to the beauty and finesse of microscopic organisms.


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