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Webinar: Aquaculture Industry and LA

AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles

Civil Society/NGOs


This webinar is part of AltaSea's Blue + Green 2021 Webinar series focusing on aquaculture's role in the emerging blue economy. It will begin at 4pm PST

On Thursday May 13th at 4pm PST, join AltaSea virtually for the second installment of our Blue + Green 2021 webinar series highlighting aquaculture. This one-hour webinar, entitled Aquaculture Industry and LA , will be moderated by Michael H. Kelly, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Coalition for the Economy & Jobs and feature the following speakers: 

Paul Dobbins, Senior Director of Impact Investing and Ecosystems Services, Aquaculture, World Wildlife Foundation

Diane Kim, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Holdfast Aquaculture

Ferris Kawar, Sustainability Project Manager, Santa Monica College

The goal of the Blue + Green 2021 webinar series is to shine a spotlight on the emerging aquaculture sector in our economy. Aquaculture and blue technology can support our coastal ecosystems, bolster the economy, and create jobs. This webinar series reimagines partnerships between business, government, universities, and communities through regenerative ocean research, exploration, and equity-based economic development. 


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