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8th International Haifa Conference on Mediterranean Sea Research

University of Haifa

Ocean Science & Technology


Conference on Science, Education and Art in the marine environment

Deep Dive – accessing the sea with Science, Education and Art (SEA)
 8 th Haifa Conference on Mediterranean Sea Research – July 14th-15th, 2021

Charney School of Marine Sciences, University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel

The seas and oceans cover 70% of the planet and are critical resources for humanity. Responsibly harnessing the seas and oceans while conserving them for future generations requires a deep understanding of the oceans and, potentially, necessitates major changes in how we (as humanity) interact with them. How do we form a bond between people and the sea? What is the role of maritime education and outreach? Do we need to forge an emotional bond (“a love for the sea”), and what are the roles of scientists, artists and educators in forging this bond? How can we engage different communities, creatively overcoming cultural, technological and financial barriers? On July 14-15, 2021, the SEA conference will take place at the University of Haifa, along the Israeli coasts and remotely (online). SEA will focus on the many ways in which the worlds of science, education and art can come together with respect to the seas and oceans. We invite anyone interested in science, education and/or art (as well as their combinations) to propose presentations as part of the conference. The presentations can take any form that can be communicated both in-situ and remotely, for example (but not limited to) a workshop, an art piece or a classic presentation. Presentations can be in English, Hebrew or Arabic (the conference will be translated into all three languages). 

For more information, or to propose a presentation (by 20/5/21), please send an email to sea.conference.haifa@gmail.com . 

The organizing committee: Michael Lazar, Maayan Tsadka, Daniel Sher and Naama Charit-Yaari.


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