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Ocean Literacy Design Jam

Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO

UN Agency


Join our fun and creative brainstorming event! Help design solutions to three challenges facing ocean literacy education. Experts from Ocean Wise, Sea Smart and Planeta Océano will share their perspectives on the future of ocean literacy education.

During our Design Jam we’ll hear from a few superstars in the ocean education world. We will then break out into groups to explore existing ocean literacy resources and think up new solutions to address three challenges facing ocean literacy education: 

1. How can we inspire young people to take action on ocean sustainability? 

2. How can we promote indigenous perspectives in ocean literacy resources? 

3. How can we use storytelling to encourage students to reflect on their own choices and behaviors around the ocean? 

This fun and creative brainstorming format allows diverse stakeholders to come together to discuss and design solutions. We’re excited to welcome speakers and mentors from Ocean Wise, Sea Smart, Planeta Océano and more to share their perspectives on the future of ocean literacy education. 

Speakers: Scott Simpson, Kerstin Forsberg, Abraham Francis

Satellite Activity time: 8 July, 2:00 - 3:30 pm CEST

Registration and event website: https://bit.ly/3AoxQVZ


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