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Multi-stakeholder monitoring evaluation in Tokyo Bay

Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO

UN Agency


At the artificial sand beach

Learn more about the history of the Waters Takeshiba tidal flat, where anyone can come into contact with the sea of Tokyo. Not only does it allow people to feel the ocean up close, but it also helps them to understand the effects of land on artificial tidal flats in large cities. For example, visitors learn that nutrients are carried from land and that various marine organisms, especially a large number of fry, gather on the flat?. At the same time, it is possible to experientially understand the fact that land-derived garbage is flowing into the sea, and the water waste problems of other megacities in the world. It also shows us how large cities are developing facing the sea and rivers. Tokyo has an imperial palace against the sea, and two rivers surround it. A huge forest is being? constructed in the upstream vicinity of these two rivers, and the large Arakawa and Tama rivers surround metropolitan Tokyo. Waters Takeshiba is located in the middle of the megacity of Tokyo, which is surrounded by an aquatic environment. Visitors will be able to experience the forest-river-ocean connection, which is the traditional ecological knowledge of the island nation of Japan. By looking at the city from the perspective of water, we notice that a functional urban space is being constructed. In this way, the Waters Takeshiba artificial tidal flat can promote understanding as an interface between the ocean and land. As marine scientists and educators, we encourage visitors to participate in water-quality monitoring, biological surveys, plastic waste surveys, vegetation surveys, etc. Such activities will raise awareness of the interaction between humankind and the ocean on land, and will enable us to share sustainable ocean use with many people. Waters Takeshiba will also collaborate with monitoring activities conducted by universities and private organizations in Asia as a basis for connecting cities. On the day of the event, members of the Asian Ocean Education Society will introduce activities in each region as part of this Satellite Activity.

Speakers: Prof. Tsuyoshi Sasaki, Manami Takahashi, Kyohei Takizawa, Keita Furukawa, Hiroyuki Terada, Mizuki Maeda 

Satellite Activity time: 8 July, 2:30 - 4:30 pm CEST

Live Stream: https://bit.ly/3ymMYBj 


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