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OceanObs’ 19 – Decade side-event

Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO

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EVENT: “Accepted!” “Request revisions.” … or “Rejected!” – a Frontiers for Young Minds Live Review

Today, and especially within the context of #FridaysForFuture or #YouthForClimate, it seems more important than ever to scientifically inform the young people and, as ocean-literate individuals, give them a voice. In a moderated live event, scientists have written and submitted articles to Frontiers for Young Minds will be invited to present their work in front of a panel of young reviewers (kids and teens at the ages of 8-15) who will ask questions and give feedback. Aiming to propose science-based outreach of specific OceanObs19 topics to a non-scientific audience, this event may also showcase an original way as an example of outreach to the scientific community.

Moderator: Hedwig Ens, Frontiers for Young Minds


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