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Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO

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Marine and inland fisheries today are at an important crossroads. They make a crucial and growing contribution to food, nutrition and livelihood security. Yet, despite significant successes, there is a decreasing overall trend in the proportion of marine fish stocks caught within biologically sustainable levels, especially in the least developed regions.

The Group on Earth Observations (GEO) is an intergovernmental partnership of 105 Member governments, 127 Participating Organizations and thousands of passionate individuals and businesses that improves the availability, access and use of Earth observations for a more sustainable planet. 

GEO Week 2019 provides a unique forum where governments, businesses, the research community, non-profits and all other groups come together to create solutions, share, and cooperate. All economic and business decisions must now consider how the planet is changing, and Earth observation data can improve our economies from top to bottom. GEO Week 2019 and the GEO Ministerial Summit will highlight how investments in Earth observation make this possible, delivering major returns on investment to our economies and communities. 

Join us to ensure Earth observations drive productivity & inclusive growth across our economies!


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