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Launch of Ocean Literacy Training Courses to support the Decade

Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO

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To support the Ocean Decade objectives, Ocean Literacy Online Courses were organized to raise the awareness for the conservation, restoration, and sustainable use of our ocean.

Free Ocean Literacy Training Courses, hosted by UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, with the contribution of the Government of Sweden and the Government of Flanders, empowered relevant stakeholders to understand and promote the objectives of the Ocean Decade. 

As recognizing the role that education plays in increasing awareness about the state of the ocean is a priority, these trainings generated a broad dialogue to better identify how to transform ocean knowledge into actions. A total of 56 speakers from 29 countries participated in these trainings which gathered 87 participants (government officials, educators, the media, and the public) from 35 countries.

All courses provided an overview of the seven Ocean Literacy principles and highlighted the challenges the ocean is facing. Sustainable solutions were presented through successful case-studies such as the Ocean Rescue campaign of Sky News, a programme launched in 2017 to make people aware of plastic pollution; or the Educational Passages, a worldwide project where students are given the opportunity to deploy and track their very own mini boats.  

Interested participants will be able to follow the self-paced version of the courses from May onwards on the Ocean Teacher Global Academy. Four new trainings will soon be available: 

“Ocean Literacy: Why the ocean should matter to us” targets the general public and provides an overview of the importance of the ocean; - “Mainstreaming Ocean Literacy in Governance” targets policy-makers and introduces tools to enhance an holistic and sustainable governance of the ocean;

“iSea Stories: understanding the Ocean” targets the media and provides insights to allow the development of attractive, accurate and effective storytelling about the ocean;
 - “Educating about the Ocean: Waves of change” targets educators and provides an understanding on how to incorporate ocean topics in their work. 

Through capacity building, communications, education and corporate social responsibility programs, the Ocean Decade put a great emphasis on Ocean Literacy strategies. 

 More events and activities will be available on oceanliteracy.unesco.org


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