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Announcement of the results of the first endorsed Decade Actions for Australia

Ocean Decade Australia

United Nations / Ocean Science & Technology / Ocean Policy & Sustainable Development / Business & Industry / Donors & Foundations

Congratulations to Piping Hot Australia, Great Barrier Reef Foundation and the Minderoo Foundation for successful endorsement of Decade Actions!

Piping Hot x UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 

Piping Hot Australia Piping Hot Australia is a surf wear brand that designs and produces a full range of fashion, footwear and accessories for families. Our products are available through selected retailers and e-commerce sites. Focusing on transparency, circularity, and recycled materials, Piping Hot is a signatory to the UN Global Compact, with a particular focus on ocean protection. We propose creating a fashion collaboration featuring Ocean Decade communications to promote ocean literacy and a more sustainable ocean. We will work with ocean scientists and ocean decade stakeholders to determine relevant messages that will be developed into graphics and text for swing tags that are attached to garments and graphics that can be incorporated onto/into clothing that are promoted in line with shared ocean decade objectives. 

 Reef Recovery 2030 Great Barrier Reef Foundation 

 A quarter of ocean life and a billion of the world's people depend on coral reefs. Yet our reefs are under imminent threat from climate change and local impacts. Current approaches are insufficient to protect the world's coral reefs. The window to act is rapidly closing. Reef Recovery 2030 is dedicated to saving the Great Barrier Reef and supporting global coral reef conservation. Led by the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, in partnership with the world's leading coral reef scientists, Australian Government, reef managers, businesses, First Nations people and local communities, Reef Recovery 2030 will boost the resilience of these unique reef ecosystems and the people that rely on them. This is a decade long, one billion-dollar collective effort to turn the tide on coral reef decline globally. 

 Flourishing Oceans - Plastics and Human Health - The Minderoo Foundation

Human health is critically dependent on ocean health and yet we continue to pollute our oceans by massive dumping of plastic waste. Our proposed Decade Program will act as a lever to reduce plastic pollution by focusing on the harmful effects of plastic chemicals and micro-/nano-plastics on human health through knowledge brokering, developing novel infrastructure and measurement techniques as well as filling research gaps. However, evidence is not enough. We will therefore collaborate and communicate via a Global Network of clinicians, scientists, legal and regulatory experts, NGOs, governments, and science communicators to drive urgent change in chemical regulation and policy. 

 Global Fishing Index - The Minderoo Foundation 

 The Global Fishing Index (GFI) is an ongoing, global study that measures country-level progress towards ending overfishing and restoring fish stocks to biologically sustainable levels (SDG 14.4). The Index reports on both the state of fish stocks and fisheries governance for over 140 maritime countries, providing a means of identifying global priority areas for action, as well as key policy gaps at the regional and national level. The Global Fishing Index will be published in May 2021 and updated every two years through the Decade of Ocean Science (and beyond) to track improvements in fisheries sustainability. 


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