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3 interactive webinars to launch the new Virtual Blue Decade Platform

OCEAN University Initiative

Ocean Policy & Sustainable Development

Event description: The overall vision of #VirtualBlueDecade is to develop a global platform that bring the ocean, biodiversity and climate action communities together to contribute to the achievement of the sustainable development goals through ocean knowledge and action. Diversity and inclusion makes us stronger. #VirtualBlueDecade will only be possible if we collaborate together from North to South, and West to East. We want to make sure that our virtual resources will be equal everywhere in the world.

#VirtualBlueDecade will go the extra mile offering an array of interactive sessions in various formats. We are launching the platform for World Ocean Day with 3 interactive webinars: 

  • The Great Atlantic Sargassum belt: a new golden floating rainforest? [ REGISTER ]

  • Climate change and marine biodiversity: implication for Blue Economy development in the Indian [ REGISTER ]

  •  Ocean Hot, sour, and breathless: answering your question about our changing Pacific [ REGISTER ]

Event website : virtualbluedecade.org

#VirtualBlueDecade is a contribution to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development with multiple partners: Cyan Planet, Futurearth, LOCEAN / Sorbonne University, Observatory for Marine and Coastal Governance, Ocean Conservancy, Ocean Networks Canada and Ocean University Initiative / Campus Mondial de la Mer / University of Brest.


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