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United Nations - Reboot The Oceans Challenge Winner - Mapping Oceans


United Nations / Ocean Science & Technology / Ocean Policy & Sustainable Development / Business & Industry / Donors & Foundations


United Nations Office Of Information and Communication Technology and United Nations Global Compact along with Partners Organized Reboot the Oceans Challenge 

Reboot the Oceans Challenge - Bringing youth together to improve upon or build technology that addresses the current health of the Oceans. 

 AROBOT Marine Autonomous and Cloud Integration Framework won the Challenge # 3 for Mapping Oceans where we showcased Low Cost Marine Autonomous Vehicle Framework emphasizing on Autonomous capabilities of the vehicle and Acquiring data through Cloud for integration with Hydrographic Software.

 Our Vision is to develop autonomous framework to be utilized by Students and Research where the responsibility starts from Students to Industry which definitely brings the way to achieve Sustainable Ocean by 2030 and contribute the data to Seabed 2030.

 Let's work together to achieve huge success on mapping oceans to explore the unexplored......


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