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Following the Decade Regional Planning workshops that were held throughout 2019 and 2020, informal stakeholders’ platforms have been established in several regions to advance the identification of regional initiatives and programmes for the Ocean Decade.


Worldwide dedicated structures will play a key role in guiding regional activities to support the development of programmes, projects and activities that will be endorsed as “Decade Actions”. 

•The Western Tropical Atlantic Regional Planning Group (WTA IPG) was established in July 2020 to advance and coordinate strategic partnerships and actions for the Western Tropical Atlantic region, and benefits from the support of IOCARIBE as its official Secretariat. In 2020, WTA IPG developed a framework of major challenges and actions around each Decade outcomes and will organize a series of virtual workshops to support the elaboration of a regional action plan.

Contact point:
IOC- of UNESCO Sub-Commission for the Caribbean and Adjacent Regions (IOCARIBE) Cesar Toro
Website: http://iocaribe.ioc-unesco.org/undecadeevents/undecadewtarw

Please click here for more information.

•The Arctic Task Force is presently preparing an Arctic Ocean Action Plan that will offer stakeholders an opportunity to identify actions and priorities for the Arctic Ocean in the Ocean Decade. Lead by the Danish Center for Marine Research, the Task Force has organised a series of virtual working group meetings around the Ocean Decade seven societal outcomes and will hold an online consultation on the first version of the Arctic Ocean Action Plan (March 2021). It will also offer participants of the working groups networking opportunities with other Arctic actors from science, governments, industry and NGOs. 

Contact point: 
Danish Centre for Marine Research
Colin Stedmon and Christian Riisager-Simonsen
Email: dch@danskhavforskning.dk
Website: https://www.oceandecade.dk/arctic-workshop

•The Pacific Regional Planning Group for the Ocean Decade is chaired by the Pacific Community Centre of Ocean Science (PCCOS) at the Pacific Community (SPC).

Contact point :
Jens Krüger
Email: jensk@spc.int
Website: https://www.spc.int/

•The Regional Planning Group for the Western Pacific. 

Contact point:
Wenxi Zhu
Email:  w.zhu@unesco.org
Website: https://ioc.unesco.org/

•The Regional Planning Group for Africa

Contact point:
Mika Odido
Email: m.odido@unesco.org
Website:  https://ioc.unesco.org/


National Decade Committees (NDC) have been established to facilitate national coordination of Decade activities. These national multi-agency and multi-stakeholder platforms involve the national political and scientific institutions and actors concerned by the ocean and its management. Existing national coordinating mechanisms can provide the basis for performing such functions. The NDC will engage the national ocean community (a wide variety of local and sub-national stakeholders) and facilitate co-design of initiatives (programmes, projects and contributions) across groups of stakeholders that can be endorsed as Decade Actions. They will also facilitate hosting of sub-regional or regional meetings related to the Decade.

The Global Stakeholder Forum will provide a platform to promote exchange and cooperation between National Decade Committees.  

List of National Decade Committee contact points

• Brazil
Karen Silverwood-Cope
Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication
Email: cgoa@mctic.gov.br, karen.cope@mctic.gov.br
Website: http://decada.ciencianomar.mctic.gov.br/
News: Click here to know more about the  national launch event of the Decade.  Discover the key figures of the National Implementation Plan of the Ocean Decade. 

The Ministry of Science Technology and Innovations organized an Advisory Committee for the Ocean Decade, 5 Regional Groups to support Mobilization and a Youth Mobilization Group.  This governance was built in 2020 including representation from government, civil society, private sector and researches, along with a series of actions and events to prepare Brazil for the Ocean Decade. 

• Canada
Allison Webb
Director at Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Email: Allison.Webb@dfo-mpo.gc.ca
Email: DFO.OceanDecade-DecennieOcean.MPO@dfo-mpo.gc.ca
Website: https://dfo-mpo.gc.ca/ocean-decade-decennie-ocean/
News: Click here to know more about the  national launch event of the Decade.

• Colombia
Sonia Carolina González Arévalo
Colombian Ocean Commission
Email: internacional@cco.gov.co

you can find further information about the Colombian Decade Committee and national launch event (9 April) here:

Aurélie Chamiot-Prieur
Commission nationale pour la Commission Océanographique Intergouvernementale
Email: aurelie.chamiot-prieur@developpement-durable.gouv.fr
Website: https://www.ecologie.gouv.fr/

Co-Chairs Gesine Meißner (former MEP)
Prof.Dr. Martin Visbeck
Email: info@ozeandekade.de
Website: http://ozeandekade.de/
List of members: click here 

    The National Committee (Ozean Dekadenkomitee) was created in the second half of 2020, allowing National Committee members to engage and shape the evolution of the Decade and it’s implementation in Germany early in the process. The committee was formally established by the German IOC committee and member of the National Committee were drawn by an open application process from academia, non-profits, government, policy, early careers and industry, comprising a well-rounded body of expertise across multiple groups relevant to the Decade. 

The National Committee will hold its launch meeting in June 2021 after the international launch event with the ambition to promote the Decade in Germany and engage participation from all sectors. The National Committee is developing a national action plan and established eight subgroups to facilitate engagement and action towards the Decade objectives. The National Committee website features some generic information about the Decade and will increasingly incorporate announcements made by the National Committee Members, upcoming events, opportunities for early-career professional and youth involvement, Q&A features of those engaged with the Decade, and a list of National Committee members.

Rosalia Santoleri
Italian Oceanographic Commission
Email: segreteria.coi@cnr.it
Website: https://www.cnr.it/en

Srinivasa Kumar Tummala
Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), Government of India
Email: srinivas@incois.gov.in
Further information regarding Indian National Decade Coordination Committee can be found at https://incois.gov.in/portal/ndcc.jsp

Tomohiko Tsunoda
Ocean Policy Research Institute of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation
Email: t-tsunoda@spf.or.jp
Yutaka Michida
University of Tokyo
Email: ymichida@aori.u-tokyo.ac.jp


    Kjersti Fjalestad

The Research Council of Norway's Ocean Secretariat
Website: https://www.forskningsradet.no/om-forskningsradet/portefoljer/hav/havforskningstiaret
News: Please click here to know more about the proposed priority areas for Norwegian efforts

    Luis Menezes Pinheiro
    Portuguese Committee for the IOC and University of Aveiro
    Email: lmp@ua.ptluismenezespinheiro@mne.pt

      •United Kingdom
      Lowri Griffiths, National Oceanography Centre
      Marine Science Co-ordination Committee (MSCC)
      International Working Group (IWG)
      Email: lowri.griffiths@fcdo.gov.uk
      Website: https://projects.noc.ac.uk/iwg/decade-undos

      •United States
      Elizabeth Hillman
      National Academies of Science, Engineering, Medicine (NASEM)
      Email: ehillman@nas.edu
      Website: https://www.nationalacademies.org/our-work/us-national-committee-on-ocean-science-for-sustainable-development-2021-2030

      The National Committee was created in the first half of 2020, allowing National Committee members to have an early stake in the Decade, including providing feedback on the Implementation Plan, gathering ideas for Decade Actions, and catalyzing support for the Decade. Members of the National Committee are drawn from academia, non-profits, retired government employees, and industry, comprising a well-rounded body of expertise across multiple groups relevant to the Decade. These experts are largely drawn from the U.S. National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics, Ocean Studies Board, the Marine Board, and Polar Research Board (NASEM). 

      The National Committee held a launch meeting in February 2021 for U.S. activities in support of the Decade that sought participation from these sectors. The National Committee has developed a communications strategic plan to increase engagement and potential for coordination of Decade activities. The National Committee website features announcements made by the National Committee Members, upcoming events, ocean science resources, opportunities for early-career professional and youth involvement, Q&A features of those engaged with the Decade, and a list of National Committee members.


      National Decade Committees can use the Decade’s logo to implement or coordinate national outreach and communications activities in accordance with the guidelines setout for the use of the Decade logo by National Decade Committees (you can download these guidelines by clicking on the blue button) and in line with the guidance on branding (all use of the logo must comply with the Ocean Decade Brand Guidelines)


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