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Online Screening: Manon de Boer, An Experiment in Leisure, 2016 - 2019

Artica Svalbard

United Nations

Launch of the Artica Writings season inspired by the Ocean Decade

Our inspiration for Artica Writings 2021 is the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021 - 2030). Throughout the year we will share a new essay every two months by a variety of thinkers. This curated series of texts aims to influence critical thinking around our oceans and the urgent issues related to ocean health, knowledge and policy. To mark the launch of the new season and theme we are pleased to host an online screening of Manon de Boer’s film An Experiment in Leisure.


Excerpts of texts by psychoanalyst Marion Milner (1900-1998) on concentration, the body, repetition, daydreaming and open-ended time as conditions for creation are read and reflected upon by different artists. These voices and the silences between them, images of a seascape in Norway and of the artists’ workspaces, as well as sounds from the Norwegian coast create parallel spaces, each following their own rhythm. The resulting experience of time resonates with Milner’s idea of leisure: not a moment opposed to work, but a time allowing us to perceive and think freely without an immediate objective.
Manon de Boer 

The experience of time pervades the work of Manon de Boer. This is an extended experience of time, firmly anchored in the conditions of creation that incessantly produces a present and presence and resists a normative, functional and productive concept of time. Her work has been exhibited internationally, at the Venice Biennial (2007), Berlin Biennial (2008), São Paulo Biennial (2010), Documenta (2012), Taipei Biennial (2016) and has also been included in numerous film festivals in Hong Kong, Marseille, Rotterdam and Vienna. Her work has been the subject of monographic exhibitions at Witte de With in Rotterdam (2008), Frankfurter Kunstverein (2008), South London Gallery (2010), Contemporary Art Museum of St Louis (2011), Museum of Art Philadelphia (2012), Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven (2013), Secession Vienna (2016), National Gallery Prague (2019) and Gulbenkian Museum in Lissabon (2020), among others. 



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