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Marine Research Center at Moscow State University (MRC LMSU)

Ocean Science & Technology|Ocean Policy & Sustainable Development


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Nauchny Park, Leninskye Gory 1 str. 77
Moscow RUS

Marine Research Center at Moscow State University (MRC LMSU) is a research and engineering company focused on marine research. We offer a wide range of services to efficiently manage offshore observations: from comprehensive ocean shelf surveys to assessing economic activity environmental footprints. We focus on environmental surveys of the Arctic and Far East seas and coastal areas. Baseline and production environmental monitoring is used to preserve biological diversity and bio-resources. It includes regular and comprehensive environment observations. MRC LMSU experts assess the site and forecast any possible environment changes. The obtained data help identify and avoid any negative impact on the environment, and help predict the site evolution, and develop specific measures to prevent or minimize negative impact on the ecosystem. For several years the MRC, LMSU experts have been providing environmental monitoring of the Russian offshore projects in the Arctic and Far East regions. The company has all the necessary instruments and a number of innovative processes for marine geophysical, geological, and environmental surveys in harsh Arctic conditions. MRC LMSU possesses all the necessary licenses to perform a full range of marine and offshore research; we are also fully aware of the corresponding legislation. We have advanced research facilities and extensive experience with environmental observation in the Arctic and the Far East. We are also passionate about protecting our Oceans and performing marine science and exploration in the safest and less impactful for the environment way possible.

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