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Institute of Hydrology and Oceanology

Russian State Hydrometeorological University

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Voronezhskaya str., 79
St.Petersburg RUS

Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU) is a unique higher education institution in Russia providing higher education in the field of Oceanology and Environmental Sciences for 90 years. RSHU is a Regional Centre of WMO. Member of BOOS providing oceanographic data of the Baltic Sea research cruises since 1990s. Member of UNESCO IOC Floating University Programme, with its Baltic component Baltic Floating University operating since 1993. RSHU is conducting research in the field of oceanology and environmental studies oo the Baltic Sea ecosystem and the Russian Arctic. RSHU has a specialized Laboratory of Satellite Oceanography lead by the leading scientist from IFREMER, B.Chapron, involving students and young scientists in scientific work in national and international projects. RSHU is a member of Trilateral Cooperation on the Gulf of Finland and was a major partner of the Gulf of Finlnad Year 2014 hosting events and research cruises. Recent activities of RSHU include the launching of specialized laboratory of Plastic Research (PlasticLab) with research projects on beach monitoring of marine litter in the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea and microplastics research in the seas of Russian Arctic. http://www.rshu.ru/eng/

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