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Gothenburg SWE

Universeum is growing, and is now gearing up to offer greater benefit to more people. A wide-ranging development programme is enabling the Science Centre to meet more and new target groups. By investing heavily in digitalising and visualising scientific data, strengthening the focus on sustainable development and creating new content in the area of sustainable oceans, technology and mathematics, Universeum will become the next-generation science centre – a powerful arena of international brilliance. A platform founded on science for encounters between audience and profession. The Universeum Ocean Science Lab will be a showcase for how Agenda 2030 can be translated from words into action. Using Universeum as a node, national and global actors can create a platform and collaborate to ensure that research, knowledge and innovations are disseminated internationally. The focus is on marine life and sustainable development in this interdisciplinary knowledge experience. It is a place where science and technology will be interwoven, for example through data visualisation. The new, innovative learning environment will increase knowledge of the ocean and show how the ocean and climate are interconnected. Complex relationships will be highlighted and relevant research results presented – even when they show problematic relationships. Exploration must also create engagement. With an educational approach based on scientific foundations and using practical tips and clear links to how people, nature, society, technology and the environment are interconnected, the lab aims to help make it possible for visitors to take steps for a sustainable world and contribute to the global goals.

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