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Rodovia Duque de Caxias, 6365, km 8, Bairro Iperoba
São Francisco do Sul BRA

I am a biologist, and PhD in Zoology, and I have been developing research with marine tetrapods for over 20 years. I have been a professor at Universidade da Região de Joinville - UNIVILLE since 2000 and through this institution I have been developing research projects involving the marine environment, as well as publicizing and raising awareness among society. I also work as a master and doctoral advisor at the UNIVILLE and at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, in the courses of "Health and Environment" and "Ecology". I have also acted in the implementation of public policies related to the conservation of marine resources and participated in several forums related to the theme at the national level. One of the main species that is the target of my work is the franciscana dolphin, the most endangered dolphin in the south western Atlantic Ocean.

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