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Fundación Tortugas del Mar

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Calle 46A Sur # 40A - 31, Apt. 103 Edif. Oasis
Envigado COL

My name is Cristian Ramirez Gallego; I am a sea turtle biologist BSc at University of Antioquia (Colombia) and M.Sc at University of Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico, USA) conducting several studies on the sea turtles with focus in conservation priorities. I am cofounder and CEO of Fundación Tortugas del Mar. The Fundación Tortugas del Mar (NIT: 900789035 - 9) has been legally constituted in Colombia since 2014, as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and non-profit organization, defender of sea turtles and their associated ecosystems on the Caribbean coast. and Pacific of Colombia. Our mission: Contribute to the knowledge, recovery and conservation of sea turtle populations and their associated ecosystems in the Caribbean and Colombian Pacific, driven by scientific research, environmental education and community and inter-institutional collaboration.

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