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Lorient FRA

Our association, Juste 2.0°C, was created to serve as a base for research expeditions by Early Carrer Scientists. Our first project, Antarctica 2.0°C, will be a sailing expedition, which will leave Brittany (France) in September 2021 to go to the Antarctic Peninsula. Six young researchers will be on board, working in several fields to address the same subject: the impact of climate change and human activities on the ecosystems observed during the mission. Their fields: biogeochemistry, glaciology and oceanography, microbiology, animal behaviour, microplastic chemistry, social sciences. The research project was developed with laboratories based in France, Monaco, Australia, Chile and the United States. In addition to the research part, an educational project, also inter-disciplinary, aimed at schools and universities will be launched this winter and a series of documentaries aimed at the general public to raise awareness of climate and biodiversity issues in the Atlantic and Southern Oceans will be shot during the expedition. Do not hesitate to write to us to get involved in the pedagogical project.

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