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Centre For Marine & Coastal Studies (CEMACS)

Universiti Sains Malaysia

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Universiti Sains Malaysia
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CEMACS is a research centre for Universiti Sains Malaysia. CEMACS began its life in 1978 as the Muka Head Marine Field Station, set up to conduct research on marine science. This oldest marine centre in the country has been a hive of marine science activities ever since, involving post- graduate students and researchers. The field station was upgraded to a Centre of Excellence in 1995 whose main aim is to excel in fields of marine and coastal science research. We are now 41 years old! CEMACS has maintained its standard of excellence, reputation and impact as the initiatives towards capacity building in marine science, incorporating groundwork for local and regional partnership through a series of marine science regional and national events. One of the successful events was the Jellyfish Workshop held in 7-9 August 2019, which was attended by participants from 13 countries. This event was supported by IOC WESTPAC. This event had spurred the international networking in jellyfish research and monitoring. This has also created awareness among the government, tourism industry as well as academia of different fields eg. toxinology, taxonomy, ecology and environment, CEMACS also positioned itself as an international research institution in marine science by supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Goal #14 – Sustainable Oceans. Our pledge had been accepted on June 2017 and had been recorded on the UNDP/World Ocean Conference Website. CEMACS inline with the changing times and evolving issues has directs its research and studies to keep with the flow. In line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), CEMACS aims to apply research findings to community needs,and has years been conducting “Green” mariculture and addressing future food security and conservation issues. Research into green mariculture focuses on clean water culture of marine organisms including marine plants, symbionts of reef organisms and filter feeding invertebrates. As many of the islands and coral reefs of Malaysia have been assimilated into the Marine Parks system alternative clean culture of marine animals have new found importance. These groups of animals and plant require no feeding and waste production are drastically reduced. CEMACS has a long tradition in oyster culture and her products and technology garnered several national and international awards and accolade. CEMACS had led an expedition known as “Highland to Ocean – Jerai to Pulau Songsong”. This expedition involved 8 agencies namely Marine Park Authorities, Forestry Research Institute Malayasia (FRIM), Penang Botanical Garden, Malaysian Nature Society, Malaysia Fisheries Department, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Ministry of Natural Resource & Environment MyBIS, and Universiti Sains Malaysia. This expedition involved multidisciplinary research involving land and the sea, flora and fauna, molecular research as well as bio-prospecting. CEMACS is

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