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Nutrient Recycling Seafood-Science Programme: Draft programme write-up by OceanForesters


Ocean Policy & Sustainable Development|Business & Industry

As of 8 September 2020, “Nutrient Recycling Seafood-Science” is both (1) a programme suggested to become either (1a) a non-UN endorsed decade action or (1b) a UN entity registered decade action; and (2) a template or sample for information that should be in a programme or project document seeking registration or endorsement.

This is OceanForesters’ first draft of a Programme description.

The Ocean Decade Implementation Plan, Version 2.0, appears to suggest a programme or project description should include: (1) indication of which and how Ocean Decade Challenges are addressed; (2) indication of which and how UN Sustainable Development Goals are addressed; (3) indication of which and how stakeholders are involved (generally involved stakeholders for a programme, specifically involved stakeholders for a project); (4) a description of the planned actions and the science needed or involved when implementing those actions. OceanForesters suggest also including (for a programme) (5) specifically involved stakeholders and project locations; and (6) possible related programmes and projects. This last helps local coastal communities see the broader range of (possible) programmes and projects involving seafood (or some other primary feature of the proposed programme).

This document and the Ocean Decade Implementation Plan can be improved with (a) instructions for how to suggest a Call for Action; (b) a list of initial Calls for Action; (c) instructions for how to propose programmes and projects in response to a Call for Action; and (d) templates and samples of documents proposing programmes and projects.

Please suggest edits and make comments at the dedicated Ocean Decade Forum: https://www.oceandecade.org/forum 

Contact: markcapron@OceanForesters.org


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