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Science Enables Abundant Food (SEAFood) with Healthy Oceans: OceanForesters Proposed Programme Description


Ocean Policy & Sustainable Development|Business & Industry

OceanForesters is posting this proposed programme description to invite partners and potential Lead Institutions from the entire UN Ocean Decade community. Discussion of Global and Regional Lead Institution roles starts on page 19. The Executive Summary explains how coastal communities drive the programme.

The OceanForesters seek partners while planning and refining a submittal for the first Ocean Decade Call for large-scale, multi-country, transformative Decade programmes. The Request for Endorsement is due 15 January 2021. Decisions on endorsement will be made in the first quarter of 2021.

SEAFood is envisioned as a global programme that offers coastal communities many possible projects to choose. Some communities might elect mostly marine protected areas. Some communities might elect mostly floating flexible built-reef ecosystems. Some might elect blends of several variations on SEAFood with Healthy Oceans.  

OceanForesters plan to post improving versions of this description, perhaps monthly. This description contains more details than the Request for Endorsement submittal form. All partners will be invited to refine both the submittal form and this description. They may do so on either Google Docs or MSWord files.

Potential partners can email markcapron@oceanforesters.org with the necessary information (see page 20). All are invited to suggest edits and make comments at the dedicated Ocean Decade Forum: https://www.oceandecade.org/forum or by email. Feel free to use concepts in this draft programme description to create projects and more programmes. 


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