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Engaging and Empowering Regional Stakeholders: Synthesis of Regional Consultation Workshops (Preparation Phase 2019–2020)

Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO

UN Agency

From the outset of the preparation phase of the Ocean Decade, regional consultation workshops were envisaged as an integral part of the Decade design process. Eleven regional consultation workshops were held between June 2019 and April 2020.

The workshops offered a crucial opportunity to co-design solution-oriented research strategies for the Ocean Decade in line with the2030 Agenda and regional strategies and commitments. They focused on specific needs and priorities in terms of transforming knowledge systems, accelerating the transfer of marine technology (TMT), enabling capacity development and education, fostering science-policy dialogues and promoting effective communication for the Decade. The results of the workshops were integral inputs to the Ocean Decade Implementation Plan that provides the strategic framework for the implementation of the Decade. 
On 18 December 2020, IOC-UNESCO released the report ‘Engaging and Empowering Regional Stakeholders: Synthesis of Regional Consultation Workshops (Preparation Phase 2019–2020)’ has been prepared to provide a synthesis of the main outcomes of the regional consultation process as a complement to the individual workshop reports. It is composed of the following three sections:

Part 1 describes how the consultative and planning process of the preparatory phase was organized to inform and engage national and regional stakeholders across ten ocean basins, and presents a series of important common messages that emerged from the diverse workshops.

Part 2 presents a synthesis of the outcomes of the regional consultation workshops, by providing a snapshot of the main scientific and capacity-building needs and cross-cutting priorities that were identified for each region, as well as providing examples of inspirational initiatives that could be transformed into future Decade Actions.

Part 3 provides guidance to stakeholders on how to engage at national and regional levels with the Ocean Decade, and outlines the next steps in preparing regional action plans and Decade Actions. 





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