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Throughout the Ocean Decade, partners around the world will carry out a diverse type of Decade Actions from small, local actions to global research programs. Together, all of these Decade Actions – big and small – will form part of the collective movement to achieve the ocean we want by 2030.

As described in the Ocean Decade Implementation Plan, a Decade Activity is a one-off standalone initiative (such as an event, a publication, a workshop, a conference, or a training opportunity) that contributes to a Decade programme or project or to one of the Ocean Decade Challenges. 

If you have an event, workshop, publication, conference, training opportunity or other initiative planned for 2021 you can request official endorsement as a Decade Activity via this link:


To request endorsement for your proposed Ocean Decade Activity and have it recognized as an official part of the Ocean Decade, please complete all the questions in the online form. You will need to provide basic information on your Decade Activity including how it contributes to the Ocean Decade Challenges and aligns with the endorsement criteria contained in the Implementation Plan.

Only Decade Activities that have received official endorsement can use the Ocean Decade logo in their communications. Proponents of endorsed Decade Activities will need to comply with the Ocean Decade Branding Guidelines and provide a short report on the outcome of their Decade Activity.  

Decisions on endorsement will start being made in early 2021 and will allow you to be officially recognized as part of the Ocean Decade movement! Please note, due to the high volume of requests received, it may take up to 4 weeks to receive a response on your request. 

Please contact oceandecade@unesco.org if you require further information.


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