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Royal Society’s Global Environmental Research Committee - UN Decade of Ocean Science Workshop Report

Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO

UN Agency

In October 2020, the Royal Society hosted a virtual workshop, which brought together representatives of the UK’s ocean research, policy and funding community to discuss how the UK can make a successful research contribution to the Ocean Decade.

  • Introduction 

The UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (hereafter the Ocean Decade) challenges nations to identify the ‘science we need for the ocean we want’. It seeks to strengthen international collaboration to build a shared framework, across the science-policy interface, for the sustainable management of global oceans for the benefit of humanity.  

The  Royal Society  workshop was split into four sessions. Session 1 brought together speakers from international organisations and UK Government departments to introduce national and international perspectives on the Ocean Decade. Session 2 then invited researchers to outline pressing science issues in line with Ocean Decade requirements. This foundation was used by participants in sessions 3 and 4 to collaboratively prioritise and further develop the research themes and approaches needed to meet the objectives of the Ocean Decade.   

  • Table of Contents 

Session 1: International context and policy needs for evidence
Session 2: Identifying research questions 
Sessions 3 and 4: Prioritizing and Developing Research Questions

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