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ECO-MAGAZINE: Marine Spatial Planning: Sustainably Managing Our - Seas at a Global Level"

Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO

UN Agency

In the latest issue of ECO-MAGAZINE, discover why the multi-use of the ocean space is developing rapidly and how appropriate solutions can be implemented to preserve ocean health.


Human wellbeing and prosperity areinextricably linked to the good healthof the ocean, seas, coasts and relatedresources. Both through their conservationand sustainable use. Unfortunately, marineecosystems are facing increasingly significantstress from climate change, habitat destruction,and overexploitation, threatening the economicactivities that rely upon these resources. Atthe same time, intensified human activitiesin coastal and marine waters lack, to achievesustainability, the required integrated planning,and decision-making, including transboundarycoordination.The expanding use of the ocean spaceshows the increase of conflicts: amongst usesbut also in between uses and nature. Thisrequires specific plans to regulate and reducehuman impacts.

About MSPglobal Initiatives

The MSPglobal Initiative isco-financed by the European Maritimeand Fisheries Funds of the EuropeanUnion. It is designed to support theimplementation of the Joint Roadmapto accelerate Marine/Maritime SpatialPlanning processes worldwide,adopted by DG MARE and IOCUNESCOas part of the conclusions ofthe 2nd International Conference onMSP, jointly organised in Paris in March2017.


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